Nach Deinem International Business Studies Studium bist du in der Lage, verantwortungsvolle Aufgaben im mittleren oder oberen Management zu übernehmen. Goal: Business administration training with an international focus and a high level of professional / linguistic qualifications Start of studies: usually in the winter semester (October), … Die Studiendauer variiert je nachdem, welchen Abschluss Du anstrebst. und ihrer Funktion. Unser Ziel ist es, dir ein hochwertiges Studium … 010 - 794 6691i.janssen@hr.nlMo-tu-wed-thu-fri. After completion of your studies, you will receive your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. As an International Business graduate you are competent in intercultural leadership and critical thinking. Aus diesem Grund helfen Dir nicht nur gute Kenntnisse in Englisch und einer weiteren Fremdsprache, sondern auch ein Interesse für internationale Beziehungen und gesamtwirtschaftliche Entwicklungen weiter. Through real world case studies taken from real companies you will discover the essentials of how to do business in an international environment. High quality Swiss tertiary education … You will learn how to critically think about the functionality of an organisation and look to implement change for the better. Our programme is inclusive and the support our lecturers offer is based on your personal need and individual learning style. Degree programme students; Incoming exchange students; Outgoing exchange students; International Office; Teaching. Are you interested in learning how products and services are marketed differently around the world? During your studies you will learn to understand all aspects of international business, while you have outstanding opportunities to specialise in the field of your interest later in the programme. Dir ist noch etwas unklar? Außerdem arbeitest Du Dich ins Marketing ein und Less research and more of a practical approach is our approved method of preparing students for the international business world. It will allow you to specialise in your field of interest, e.g. Take a look at the full list here. Our summer fast-track option gives you the opportunity to complete your degree … Wir geben Deine E-Mail Adresse nicht an Dritte weiter und werden sie auch nicht für Spam-Zwecke missbrauchen! That’s why you will also learn to navigate the interesting cultural differences in the international work field. You will learn the ways of managing the flow of goods and services, from the raw material to the consumer goods you can find on the shelf in the supermarket. In this way you can significantly improve your chances on the labour market after graduation. It will be useful to brush up your knowledge in that area. Fascinated by the way target audiences differ from place to place? Zur Wahl stehen beispielsweise International Business Law and Business Management oder Ferner hast Du in der Regel die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen Deines Studiums Schwerpunkte zu wählen. Du startest in diesem Beruf üblicherweise als Junior Account Manager mit einem durchschnittlichen Gehalt von Languages are a big part of this specialisation, as they are a vital tool for you in international commerce. als zulässige Qualifikationen. Expanding your knowledge about international business should go hand in hand with developing your professional and academic skills. Throughout the programme you will look into Innovation, HR & General Management to teach you how to map the interest of an organisation and translate those into strategic goals and plans. It is important to note that if you wish to choose the fast track programme it will not be possible for you to choose our commerce specialisation due to language requirements. Each block is focused on a single theme and includes a limited number of subjects. 010 - 794 6391e.stoop-oole@hr.nlTuesday, thursday, Friday, Ivar JanssenCoördinator PowerPlatformMuseumpark 40, 3015 CX RotterdamMP.H00.050tel. Management of information as digital citizens. In larger, internationally operating companies or multinationals, you will generally have a more specialist role. Published on our YouTube channel is a 4-part webinar on the International Business Programme. According to Dr Webb, international business graduates are well prepared for careers in consultancy, international … Choices that will help you achieve your goals during the programme. ), International Business and Management (B.A. Students attending international business schools learn about goods, … You will be able to execute international projects, while working in groups and conducting business research. Check your enrolment status through eine Karriere im In- und Ausland vor. Součástí studia je odborná praxe v … Do you thrive in an intercultural environment? Im Laufe Deines Studiums hast Du die Möglichkeit, zwei Spezialisierungen zu wählen. insbesondere eine bestimmte Abschlussnote auf Deinem Abiturzeugnis, um Dein Studium unmittelbar beginnen zu können. We offer the following specialisations: Are you fascinated by the inner workings of a company and how to change them for the better? Through the links below you can be directed to the videos. In year two, you can start specialising to become the business pro that you want to be. It is also possible to ask for a peer coach, a senior student who trains younger year students. This will make you stand out when working for specific clusters of countries. At the Rotterdam Business School you will become a globally engaged, responsible business professional. einem wirtschaftlich arbeitenden Unternehmen zu besetzen. Our Bachelor’s study program in International Business Management (B.A.) The bachelor program in International Business Studies will teach you the fundamentals of business with a particular focus on international activities. marketing, accounting, service management or human resources, and will familiarise you with the methods of academic research in business … ), Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Students can check their calendar, results and more on As an IB professional in small and medium-sized companies you will often be the generalist with a wide range of duties, mostly in an international context. You will put your training into practice during a six-month internship in an international company. As an IB professional in small and medium-sized companies you will often be the generalist with a wide range of duties, mostly  in an international context. Cultural differences heavily influence the way people do business. After graduation, you will be ready to kick-start your international business career. Our International Business degree teaches you how to be an innovator, an intercultural business communicator and a value-oriented … Diesen lieferst Du mithilfe Deines Abizeugnisses oder eines bestandenen IELTS oder TOEFL-Tests. The International Business Studies Professional Qualification provides students with an excellent range of knowledge and skills relating to this area of business. 8 weekdays per chosen full-time specialization and, thus, might have to take those days off work. international business management studium. Darüber hinaus verfügst Du im besten Fall über eine analytische und wirtschaftliche Denkweise. You conclude your studies with a graduation assignment for which you combine all your training and practical experience. Sofern Dir die Hochschule die Gelegenheit bietet, das Studium in einer anderen Fremdsprache zu absolvieren, ist entsprechendes Know-how Our International Business degree teaches you how to be an innovator, an intercultural business communicator and a  value-oriented leader. In the International Business programme you can either choose to do your minor at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences or to spread your wings and take part in an exchange programme at one of our partner universities across the globe. Neben dem üblichen Studium in Vollzeit besteht für Dich ebenso die Option, in Teilzeit oder berufsbegleitend zu studieren. Our Bachelor’s study program in International Business Management (B.A.) Business start-ups; Phd programmes; Alumni; International studies. You will become experienced in dealing with social and cultural differences, which is needed for successful trade relations with business partners worldwide. Through the choice several language (Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin or Japanese) you will continue to study this language alongside your business studies. Da Mathematik und Statistik zu Deinen Studieninhalten This could either be an internship at a company or an exchange programme at one of our partner universities around the world. HINT is the intranet for students and staff. You will continue your education with at least one semester abroad. Vereinzelt erkennen die Hochschulen einen Notendurchschnitt von maximal 3,0 an. © 2020 Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Auf diese Weise bildest Du Dich für zahlreiche Tätigkeitsfelder in den unterschiedlichsten Unternehmen im In- und Ausland weiter. Dabei kann der Lohn auch höher oder niedriger ausfallen. You will learn at least one foreign language. Hier hilft Dir With this English document you can show the value of your degree abroad when you apply for further study or when you look for a job. To beat the competition you will learn not only about sales, trade marketing and marketing strategy, but also about culture diversity within international companies. Bildungsinstitut erfolgen ferner ein Aufnahmetest sowie ein obligatorischer Vorbereitungskurs. Many students start working after finishing their bachelor studies. Des Weiteren befasst Du Dich mit unterschiedlichen Märkten – national wie international – Developing proper marketing strategies based on the target group and designing successful marketing communication programmes. Having success in international business is not only about knowledge. Du kannst Dich an vielen Fachhochschulen und Universitäten in ganz Deutschland für ein International Business Studies Studium bewerben. Infrage kommen unter anderem folgende Tätigkeiten: Typische Abteilungen, in denen Du eine Anstellung finden kannst, sind beispielsweise: Außerdem besteht für Dich die Option, im Bereich der Wirtschaftsprüfung oder der Steuerberatung tätig zu sein. School of Communication, Media and Information Technology, School of Engineering and Applied Science. At the Rotterdam Business School you can choose Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin or Japanese. In the International Business degree programme you discuss the subject content with your fellow students and help each other to move forward. A coach is ready to personally assist you in areas such as study skills, career planning and personal development. During this first year, you have the time to discover your specific interest by touching upon all the different subject areas of international business. Fest im Studienplan verankert ist ein Praxissemester oder ein mehrwöchiges Praktikum, welches Du aufgrund der internationalen Ausrichtung des Studiums oftmals auch im Ausland absolvieren kannst. All modules are taught in English to ensure that graduates are fully equipped to work for international … Den Zugang zu einem Master Studium ermöglicht Dir ein erster Hochschulabschluss im gleichen oder angrenzenden Fachbereich. One of the other benefits is that the International Business course has a completely international orientation: Right from the beginning, English is the course language, and learning at least one of … Du strebst eine internationale Karriere als Wirtschaftsprüfer, Unternehmensberater oder Personalmanager an? The Master’s program International Business & Management was designed to meet the highest expectations of business students and employers worldwide. … As of year two of your studies, it is time to start defining what kind of international business professional you want to be. We will support you by making you aware of your abilities, opportunities and challenges. In Deinem Studium bereitest Du Dich auf Bitte klick nun auf den Link in der E-Mail, die wir Dir geschickt haben. ), Master of Science (M.Sc. Bachelor's degrees in International Business teach students about international trade between companies worldwide. Unter Umständen kommt ein zusätzlicher Sprachtest auf Dich zu. Sarah studiert International Business bei Airbus in Ottobrunn.Sie möchte dir über ihr Studium bei Airbus erzählen: Mein Studiengang bei Airbus ermöglicht mir nicht nur Deutsch und Englisch, wie … Strebst Du alternativ eine Karriere als Key Account Manager an, kümmerst Du Dich um die wichtigsten Kunden eines Unternehmens. Das gesamte Studium findet übrigens auf Englisch statt. In the third and fourth year of your studies you focus on growth and innovation. Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin or Japanese) you will continue to study this language alongside your business studies. Studium probíhá v angličtině a nabízí vzdělání v oblasti mezinárodního obchodu a mezinárodního podnikání. With most economies of Asia booming, the Rotterdam Business School offers a unique track: Trade Expert Asia. Includes marketing, financial reporting, business law and others, but also picks up current challenges, like leadership & organisation. Außerdem geben Dir einige Hochschulen die Chance, Deine Schlüsselkompetenzen unter anderem in den Bereichen Projektmanagement oder Präsentation zu erweitern. Neben den Bereichen Buchhaltung sowie Mathematik beschäftigst Du Dich mit der Frage, wie Du Mitarbeiter korrekt führst. Human Resource Management oder Strategic Management & Consulting schärfen. However you may also choose to continue your studies at Master level. If you have a disability and therefore require some extra facilities, we offer various options. You will get the opportunity to follow your own learning route, by choosing one of four specialisations within the curriculum. International Business and Social Sciences. The introduction of companies such as Amazon and AliExpress has revolutionised how we look at time from production to consumption. Wie Dein späteres Gehalt ausfällt, hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab. You will conclude your studies with your final assessments and a graduation assignment in which you will solve a real business problem with the proper research skills. The Master … Are you aiming for a career in international business? In year 1 you will take one of seven language choices and at the end of the year if you do not decide to pursue 'commerce' then you will stop with your language learning. unter anderem Kenntnisse in folgenden Fachgebieten: Darüber hinaus erhältst Du einen Einblick in das Rechnungswesen sowie die Statistik und beschäftigst Dich mit den Themengebieten Produktion & Logistik, Finanzierung & Investition sowie Unternehmensführung. Erst dann können wir Deine Frage an aktuelle Studierende weiterleiten. Generell stehen Deine Karriere- und Gehaltsaussichten sehr gut. gehören, ist es von Vorteil, wenn Du sicher mit Zahlen umgehst. Why wait until after your degree? For example the International Baccalaureate or an equivalent. EAE Business School International Barcelona, Spain +1 More The Master of International Business is a general program with a particular focus on the international aspects of management needed in today’s … oder Deine Position und Funktion beeinflussen das Einkommen entscheidend. Alternativ bieten einige Hochschulen auch duale Studiengänge an. Durch die Globalisierung und die zunehmenden internationalen geschäftlichen Beziehungen steigt auch die Nachfrage nach Wirtschaftsspezialisten, die das nötige Know-how besitzen, um grenzübergreifend arbeiten zu können. Choices you can make based on your background, ambitions and talents. These fascinating developments fall under our International Supply Chain Management specialisation. So kannst Du Deine Fähigkeiten unter anderem im Financial Management, Do you have an internship/placement​, thesis or research project? Damit Du Dein Studium mit Freude absolvieren und später erfolgreich im Beruf sein kannst, solltest Du eine Vorliebe für wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Themen und Fragestellungen besitzen. And you’ll also develop the professional skills to put business ideas into … Want to join them? Darüber hinaus ist der Studiengang oftmals zulassungsbeschränkt, sodass die Fachhochschulen und Universitäten ein internes Aufnahmeverfahren durchführen. Die Größe des Unternehmens, die Region, die Branche, Deine Qualifikationen It means that your assignments will deal with real issues in real companies. The specialisation, Organisation and Change will delve into the ins and outs of company management, from small to large organisations. The M.Sc. All rights reserved. Sharpen your critical thinking, develop your intercultural competence and challenge yourself to innovate. We use analaytics and marketing cookies to improve the website. Apart from those specialisations, we offer you more choices. Auf diese Weise entwickelst Du Dich zu einem Experten in einem bestimmten Bereich – wie etwa im Finanzmanagement oder dem Human Ressource Management. Passt ein berufsbegleitendes oder duales Studium besser zu Dir, besuchst Du die Universität oder Fachhochschule im Gegensatz zu einem Vollzeitstudium nur an bestimmten Wochentagen. They are successful founders, consultants, managers and innovators in both start-ups and multinationals. mehr möglich. Das Duale Studium bei Airbus bereitet dich auf spannende Tätigkeitsfelder in der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie vor. Abhängig von dem Highly esteemed speakers guarantee state-of-the-art business … Every year has two semesters. The idea here is you emmerce yourself in the life and culture of this country, not only for a social side but also a working environment. Your graduation assignment could for example be a marketing entry strategy for Brazil with a special focus on digital channels, a plan for the logistics of a start-up in China or improving sustainability management of a company in Germany. Alternativ hast Du auch die Möglichkeit, einen Studienplatz zu erlangen, wenn Du eine zweijährige Ausbildung sowie drei Jahre Berufserfahrung vorweisen kannst. Below you will find a breakdown on Year 1 for the Fast Track programme, 2020-21: Information on this page is subject to change. Je nach Hochschule kannst Du ein reines International Business Studies Studium beginnen oder Dich für einen Studiengang mit einer speziellen Ausrichtung entscheiden. In der Auto- oder Pharmaindustrie sind sogar monatliche Spitzengehälter von bis zu 8.800 €¹ brutto und will prepare you for a successful start to your career in a global world. Since every business faces complex challenges, you will tackle multidisciplinary challenges in this programme, as well as learn how to develop data-driven decisions to back up your strategies. At RBS you can choose from French, German, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Russian or Dutch. It’s your chance to shine and show off your skills. You will test out entry and organisational strategies. Depending on the focus you choose for your studies, a degree in international business can an der DHBW Heidenheim abläuft, und geben Tipps für … Mit zunehmender Erfahrung steigt auch Dein Einkommen. Languages are an important part of the education we offer and are one of the unique elements of our university. By looking at the best practices in transportation, urban distribution, warehousing and port management you will gain an insight into the workings of effective and efficient supply chain management. Die beiden Studierenden Franziska und Jonas erzählen, wie ihr Studium BWL - International Business (B.A.) For more information please click here. Our graduates have proven to succeed in every type of business. Als eines der innovativsten Unternehmen in diesem Bereich bilden wir unsere Studierenden praxisnah aus. Im International Business Studies Studium erwirbst du daher umfassendes betriebswirtschaftlichesund managementbezogenes Wissen. Innerhalb von 6 Semestern eignest Du Dir notwendiges Methoden- und Fachwissen an. ), Master of Arts (M.A. In the International Business programme, you’ll learn about the strategy, resources and management required to run a business. Im International Business Studies Studium erwirbst du daher umfassendes betriebswirtschaftliches und managementbezogenes Wissen. 'An international business degree opens up a variety of careers and students can also use their knowledge to internationalise their own business or family business,' says Angelika. By using your practical research skills and coming up with innovative solutions you will help a company of your choice solve a real-life management matter. Come join the Rotterdam Business School! Die übrige Zeit verbringst Du auf Deiner Arbeitsstelle. zu pflegen. The way I see it, this question can be interpreted in one of two ways: 1. Your path is all yours. Is your question not answered? You will learn how to develop and build up your network within the business world, how to develop an enterprising attitude and how to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Your personal growth will last a lifetime. Languages are a vital part of your study in our university. Of course international students will be given the opportunity to learn Dutch. By knowing  and understanding an additional language, and more specifically the business dictionary and application of it, you will already have a competitive advantage over your colleagues. Finally, in your first and second year you can choose elective modules that offer you the opportunity to look beyond your own study programme. With an International Business (IB) degree at RBS you can! International Business Administration Kick-start your international career by joining our Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration – a degree taught in English with students from all over the world. Dabei hast Du die Möglichkeit, branchenunabhängig unterschiedlichste Positionen in The program is designed to give students a deep insight and profound knowledge in the field of International Business and enables them to act independently in a global business setting. Das Angebot verschiedener Wahlpflichtkurse bietet Dir die Möglichkeit, einen Schwerpunkt zu wählen, der Deinen Interessen entspricht. Referenzrahmens. Auf diese Weise bildest Du Dich für … Unique in the Netherlands is that we offer Asian languages as a specialisation. Nicht selten erheben sie in diesem Fall einen Numerus clausus (NC). You will focus in-depth on one specific aspect of your profession or broaden your horizon through examining terrains bordering your own profession. oder Master of Business Administration (MBA) nennen. This could for example be digital marketing, entrepreneurship, circular economy or one of the many other options. Our graduates work in various industries on a general management  level, or in business areas such as (digital) marketing, sales, financial services or logistics management. Follow our mission and ‘exceed expectations’. You will also create supply chain networks, using the latest digital tools. Besides the language itself, we also pay attention to cultural differences. With an International Business (IB) degree at RBS you can!

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