This page, Min has actually begun making virtual mem errors, so looking forward to the new bios: Does this mean that I can attach 8 drives? II changed it a few days ago and the fan is running slower, but the last time I took a reading of the fan speed it was 84F so I’m waiting for another hot day. HI all, i am quite new to the ESXi. But since you added all disks at the same time, odds are that at least one more disk breaks during the rebuild, leaving you with nothing. Maybe take a look at P410 with 512 BBWC + battery instead. Copyright © 2020 B3N LLC. Pin-Count: 240 Otherwise I will maybe contact HP support to have it confirmed. So I’m pretty curios how that will perform. You can use this one, If not mentioned before (I don’t think so), this thread is worth a look in consideration to which HW is compatible with the microserver: Also look into, it’s the successor to FreeNAS and is based on the latest version of ZFS and FreeBSD 9. Some of the links posted above for the cable adapters required are in actual fact wrong, the slimline drives use a MINI Sata power connection and therefore you will need a cable to suit such as: I haven’t looked into it as it’s quiet enough for me. Hi, Frank. I’m not sure if I used both the start and end PCIhole setting. Lets hope the gen 9 finally allows more RAM from the release date, otherwise its not worth it. Comment added: 12/4/2013 2:46:34 PM right, had issues with disk issues, so i replaced the 500gb sshd with a 120gb ssd. The 8th Gen HP Microserver is outdated. The latest patches fix the initial issues with passthrough in 5.5, have you tried patching 5.5 to the latest version? Raid10 will leave me with 4TB of usable storage, which is enough. – 2x WD Red SATA 6 Gb/s WD40EFRX, 4TB (Raid 1 in Slot 1 & 2) Who knows if that’s true, though. If you asked me about turbo mode, I allready had that on. Just an idea, as I use Hyper-V. The HP Microserver Gen8 has an embedded SATA RAID controller that HP … I’m guessing you’re danisg too :O) But this can’t be the real temperature with a Intel Xeon processor under high load. You can get a cheap M1015 HBA which will support 4TB in JBOD mode, or if you’re trying to do hardware RAID I’m sure you can get a controller that supports 4TB drives. Don’t know why my reply ended up at my last post??? I’d run a test with hwinfo for you but I’ve sold my Microserver and did a custom build around the DS-380 chassis so I don’t have access to one…. Do you know whether the Gen8 Microserver uses the Intel Thermal Monitoring (Technology)/ management, e.g. Where do I locate HP version of ESXi? I didn’t have to do anything at all and you shouldn’t have to BIOS takes care of that automatically, Sounds like you have a faulty or fake CPU. A customer advisory will be released in the next weeks. Kamaran, even using the b120i in AHCI causes high fan speed, and it’s taking far too long for HP to fix this. If you’re going to be doing a lot of writes to the SSDs, you should get ones with a high write lifetime, e.g. Unser Team an Produkttestern hat unterschiedlichste Marken ausführlichst verglichen und wir zeigen unseren Lesern hier unsere Resultate. Cheers. There is only 200Mhz standard difference -> 3.3 vs 3.1.Having the 1230 leaves you with future HyperThreading ability if you need it though :) P/N: 627812-B21 As an owner of the first N36 HP microserver, i was very content with the design and the fact that it was very silent. I would like to build 6 2,5 disk inside, and 2 disk in raid 1 for the os, and the 4 3,5 disk so that Will be 12 disks. Your information is useful, thanks for your hardworking :). Frank, you need to use the HP version of the esxi installer. 3. Did you buy your 1230v2 CPU as a FIO processor kit from HP, or did you take any regular xeon CPU from retail? maybe next year =). I hadn’t considered that much although now that you mentioned it, it might be a crucial thing to note since I’d be using it for the family’s backup. HP does say that Super Capacitor comes in exactly the same form as the Battery Module. The license didn’t truly expire, but for some reason the iLO thinks it did. I would like to turn it off too, but can’t find anyone who has found a good solution. ILO Advanced Lizenz aktiviert. I’ll update this blog once it arrives and I have tested it! Else go for HP ESXi version 5.0 which include needed drivers for handling fan speed. You can play using more diode @ diferent voltaje until you get a better vent at low sound, My G16010T was around 27-32% on the fans…I had an SSD on the optical SATA port and even had the native HP RAID 0 for this drive…finally put in 4x 3TB drives for storage only and put then on RAID 10…rebooted and presto it’s now running at 6%…I kid you not…. I didn’t like having to pay for an ILO license to keep the KVM over IP connected and wanted something a little more powerful. Use cautiously and at your own risk! Google “hp knowledge base c03898077”. Running server 2012 which has its own teaming but im not sure this is the best way and what HP had in mind, is there a utility i download? How many disk i can put on/or inside the MS GEN8? I haven’t actually tried entering the key yet so I don’t know that it works, my plan is to not activate it until I need it because chances or I will go a year or two without needing to remotely mount media. I’m just curiuos, do you have two disks in the ODD bay, and how did you hook it up? HP’s Guide to Gift Giving. I tested if I could make the fan go slower, by enabling the onboard fan, and tried various settings like AHCI etc, but with no difference. 16GB max is all that’s supported. I had 2x 8gb non-ecc ram I used in the N40L and wanted to use in my Gen8. Gestern, 21:02. Ethernet/LAN - Technologie: 10/100/1000Base-T (x). |:-) If you get that switch can you try out teaming the Network adapters in the Microserver? But if you notice the site going down a lot feel free to drop another comment to let me know. Do they appear under Storage Adapters? Always glad to be on the bleeding edge, I’m getting a lot of hits for this post, I probably should put some ads up. I ran a 1′ SATA cable up from the motherboard to the drive, and the drive is held in place with some cardboard. I’ve never ever had a confirmation from people who claimed they used 32gb. Can’t confirm it, but the 410 isn’t combatible according to the data sheet from HP, only the P222. Preisvorschlag senden - HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Xeon E3-1220v2 QC 4x 3.1 GHz 16 GB … Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon - Die besten Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon verglichen! I have 4x 1TB WD RE drives mounted normally. One trick with any CPU cooler is finding a way to power it since there isn’t an extra power connector for a FAN… you would want to figure out how to regulate the fan speed based on temperature somehow… Thanks. Had to look over at it to make sure its still on lol, This is one serious bit of kit for the money. My experience with many of these cheap devices are the power supplies and oftentimes other bits fail in short order but I’m very happy with this quiet, low power setup I have for a standalone virtual host. Someone tried to install 32Gb memory in MS GEN8 succesfully? Thanks for the help! Pick any two. I actually tested Hyper-V 2012 on the HP Microserver N40L and it had horrible I/O performance, but it may do better on faster hardware. Found a single molex under the ODD day, which I could split out to add some extra devices. I run VMware ESXi 5.1 (HP’s version) on the Microserver and it monitors all that stuff (I think there are 9 temperature sensors and a fan speed monitor), also you can monitor it from the iLO management interface. Interesting, do you think that’s because of the PSU not adjusting? And here’s HP’s official answer about high fan speed: “Comment added: 12/4/2013 10:15:14 PM Anyone here played around with XBMC and this master/client functions? Or the shorter tower server for small businesses: If you want to build your own Microserver, I have two builds for you to check out: Supermicro X10SDV – Datacenter in a Box and AMD EPYC Home Server Build. Will also blow some on ram, but I don’t think thats an issue. With this I think you can run full core’s and threads of a E-1265 V2 in rellatively warm enviroments (30º C), Hi, Marcos. With ESXI 5.5 I wasn’t able turn on my WindowVM with passthrough to this GC. I didn’t ever have to turn on the room heater… LOL! Is this a correct assumption? The Gen8 Microserver differs from its predecessors by offering a socketed CPU (socket 1155), making user CPU upgrades possible. Will see how it goes. •Intel Hyperthreading Enabled Jacko. I’m confused. I did entertain Raid10, but it requires 4 disks and would effectively halve my storage, only giving me 4TB. Ich biete einen HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 mit folgender Austattung: HP ProLiant MicroServer...,HP Proliant Microserver Gen 8, XEON E3-1230v2,16GB,P222, 4*500GB in Baden-Württemberg - Renningen With the new Server 2012 R2 we can configure storage tiers that includes both SATA and SSD in order to get the maximum IO possible. Temperature Options, Commercial: 0 to 95°C tC Your setup is going to run very nicely. The connectors seem to fit. would you happen to know the actual power draw of the Microserver at idle and under full load? Hi again, I have disabled HyperThreading, but running Hyper-V with 4 guests, 2 of them on 24/7, and it never gets close to hot. Once I have the temperature thing sorted out I will post my temp readings. PS. Will this work? I’m using WHS2011 in hyper-v and want to load on most of my dvd/bd and music library, so in raid10 i’ll get 4tb instead of nigh on 6tb in raid5. Yeah, 3 gbit/sec is the max you will get anyway :-) And the ODD will give you only that, yup. Re RAID cards: The LSI 9240-8i is about the same price new on eBay as the m1015, but it also supports RAID5. And can’t seem to find one named P420i? 1) Supermicro A1SRi-2758F – Supports 64gb ram, but it is SO-DIMM so going to be hard to find ram. Because both caches use DRAM memory there is no performance difference there. Thanks for making that point which is probably often overlooked. Thanks so much to everyone for this blog, its by far the best i’ve found on the web for the microserver Gen8, Take a look here: We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. One is shared with iLO? The one thing that I’m seeing as a drawback to the ML310e versus the Microserver, is the lack of bundled HD caddies and the actual cost to purchase them., I’ve found that there is no problem with having turbo mode & HT enabled, at least for me with my e3-1265Lv2. I still have support as mine is less then a year old. Once I got this running I was able to ditch my old HP ML370 ESXi 4.1 host, it blew such a gale none of us in the house could sleep! If you use the HP ESXi installer, the driver is included; otherwise the ‘generic’ ESXi installer from VMWare does not include the driver and the RAID will not work. i see that the V3 cpu’s are a bit easier to get, but do not know if they will work? Also have a some blog posts at – None specifically directed at the microserver though. 2x 2½” SAS 146GB drives (I bought them cheaply) which fits nicely instead of the ODD bay. Ended: 29 Nov, … Bummer. For the life of me i cannot find a female floppy to female molex power adaptor anywhere. I've decided to decommission my HP MicroServer N54L to save power and make my living room a bit quieter (now I sleep next to the server). I’m using the b120i with the e3-1230v2 and my unit is v quiet. In practice I don’t think it will be an issue, I know the server can take a full load for 10 minutes on a hot summer month and not overheat, and I also know that my load is light. I’m currently running this: and also this which is about the same footprint as the Gen8 Microserver:, You will not be able to do RAID5, but RAID10 should work according to this thread: It also needs a power source to operate properly but with much smaller amount of energy thus enabling capacitors instead of batteries to be used. The Gen8 supports both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs. It can do 720p no problems, but when it comes to 1080p it freezes from time to time. Currently there are no 16GB UDIMM modules from the big vendors. As you say, it just ticks along fine giving fantastic VM performance & responsiveness. Only when the big manufacturers start producing it will HP add them to their HP Smart Memory list. Has anyone installed a non-demo license and had it persist (or even a demo one)? HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - Xeon E3-1220LV2 2.3 GHz - 8 GB - 0 GB overview and full product specs on CNET. I will end up changing the fan or or insert a resistor if it continues. It seems many people find the gen8 too noisy for a home server. I was also leaning towards the E3-1265L v2 as the definitive best option for this server… and I imagine many others will too. Raid 5 is secured using Parity calculations, while Raid 10 is true mirroring. Or you can get a more expensive RAID card that has externel miniSAS connector. Hp Gen8 Microserver - Bewundern Sie dem Gewinner der Tester. Would it matter? I too picked up one of these a couple of months ago, and have been experimenting around to find an optimal configuration. One thing to note is that you can’t pass the controller that you’re using for a VMWare datastore… and VMWare requires a datastore so if you only have one controller you won’t be able to pass it using VT-d. Ben. I’m using all cores with HT enabled. The drives don’t work? Hi, Frank. And no heat issues at all. It seems like it’s handled by the C204 chipset’s PCH. Anyone having inputs to why I can’t get this working? Using server backup for the host. Hope it will be solved soon. Original aus Microserver gen8, HP zertifiziert. I did not have that issue with generic memory. Runs in Raid1 for my OS, which is Hyper-V 2012R2. I am not sure you know that you have another option for RAID card, which is much-much cheaper and gives you 6 Gbps for all 4 HDDs. small business, RAID 0, It’s hard riding the bleeding edge! I’ve tested 2/4 and 3/4 cores enabled, but the temperature seems to be same, both 40C(107F) in iLO, I suspect the accuracy….. 2. Looks like a pretty decent setup. Think I’ll be creating a ticket in the upcoming week to, as well as the others. For now I’m planning on running a virtual mashine with Plex (not sure of OS yet, but maybe a Linux distribution. did you set the 120i to RAID or to Legacy? The new OS 2012 R2 is smart enough to move the hot data to the SSD and low data to the slower disk dynamically. Hi, Morten. Just an idea, as I really don’t know. Please do let us know if you get the LSI working in PCI passthrough with ESXi; I couldn’t get my LSI card (9240 flashed into LSI 9211 IT mode) working in passthrough mode on ESXi 5.5. So I ordered a Gen8 with Celeron, and the Xeon E3-1230V2 processor. It bugs me that only 2 drives will work at 6gbit speeds, but i’m guessing i’ll not really see any performance hits due to that. 5.1 update 1 is the latest you can use. So probably until then there will be no info about next gen microserver. Still can’t get it to work. When I did the temperature testing it was without ESXi, just Ubuntu 12.04 directly. I ended up buying 1230v2 aswell, was initially worried but i haven’t been able to utilise all the cores with everyday use for long periods of time, so its been good in terms of heat. Only the P222 is mentioned in the tech spec in this link: Is there room for both disks on the same side? Using another card has a drawback of not being able to integrate it with HP’s iLO, but you can write custom scripts to look at the health of the HDDs, MegaCLI is available on all platforms and works well. Are you able to passthrough mouse and keyboard, i.e. Interner Speicher: 16 GB; Speichertyp: ddr4-sdram. Hi, Barry. Thank you Ben, this is detailed and very useful information on the MicroServer Gen8. My WD Reds are setup as raid 10 on the B120i. Unless you are going to use it as storage it doesn’t really matter how you spend 2 of the 4 discs. I want to use it as a home media server, fileserver with bitlocker or other encryption, sync server to bittorrent sync etc. For those of you out there who wish to install ESXi on your HP Microserver, here’s the link: Alles was auch immer du letztendlich betreffend Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon wissen wolltest, findest du auf unserer Webseite - genau wie die genauesten Hp Microserver Gen8 Xeon … Do you need ESXi 5.5 by the way. Sorry, your right, I was thinking about raid 6 and 60 as I had my eyes on 6 before going with raid 10. Seams like the only choice if one wants the fan speed at 6%. Problem Description: Microserver Gen8 fan noise, Just tried 2×16 GB Ram modules and got stuck at 90% with Status Code 0114. After 1 year only the support expires! but it should work with a PCIe videocard and a good cpu no ? Fusion lacks some features but its solid; I’ve never had a Host/Guest failure. But mine is running at 32 % now. Der HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 ist ein kleiner, geräuscharmer Server mit ansprechendem Design, der ideal als Erstserverlösung für kleine Unternehmen geeignet ist. This is a great forum (though it really burns time on a Sunday afternoon). 2x8GB Kingston KVR16E11/8 You will be able to update your bios, ilo to 2.10 version and so on. Just wondering, did you buy the iLO essentials license for your G8 server to get it up the console running? Thanks for the input Morten. 27.11.2020. And they don’t work now. I have no proof to the P222 “solving” the fan speed issue. With your gen8, did you use the HP custom ESXi disks? Can’t figure out what else to use it for for now, other than run some systems for learning purposes in conjunction with work/education. Didn’t quite came through, but am continuing later today. Hi, •Extended Page Tables Enabled (this functionality is enabled or disabled by the Hypervisor) Is that correct? The onboard Raid Controller does NOT Work with SAS discs, so don’t try that. At the moment I got VMware 5.0 installed, and the one Win machine. I actually think it says so in the describtion in the bios too. I must say I had to use the HWiNFO to check my temperature as there where no other monitoring tools in the Hirens boot cd. There are a total of three ethernet ports. The server will sit in an understair cupboard so sound and airflow/heat isn’t an issue here. I was mainly thinking of using the SSD as 1) its quicker, 2) its separate to the storage, so can be backed up separately. HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 w/ Xeon E3-1220L@ 2.3GHz 16GB RAM 4TB 4x 1TB HDD. Can you try it with a desktop mùaintbord, just to be sure wether it works or not. After the upgrade i had the option to create a datastore of 4tb but passthrough didn’t work anymore. I did it myself for 4-5 years with great success. I have all 4 cores, turbo and hyperthreading enabled and it’s not getting hot, so I’m ok as well :) Not hot as measured by the rest of temp probes and by touching the heat-sink after a while. Is it possible to mount a harddrive anywhere else in the microserver? Security and safety updates do not require an active warranty or services contract. I tried Xen a few years ago and wasn’t happy with it so went with VMware, but things may have changed now that a few years have gone by and now. Before I used a HP X310 and I was able to control the fan speeds with speedfan – no luck with the G8 so far. Another person: Details about HP Microserver Gen8 - 16GB ECC RAM - XEON 1240V3 CPU See original listing. I came from N40L and one strange thing in Gen8 is the apparant lack of extra power/molex plugs. If you do install a fan let me know how it goes, I may do the same thing. Especially when it puts out more heat. So much I ended up buying an enterprise 480gb SSD!! Hi Morten, I don’t have great perfomance needs. While you’re there I’d select “start and stop service with host” so that it’s still up when you next reboot. Super, it was very helpful while choosing a processor upgrade for my Proliant Microserver Gen8. which processor is he best option for the Gen8? You’re welcome. Also, I cannot boot off of the MicroSD card; is that normal? I’m running Server 2012R2 hyper-v with 2 always on virtual machines, where one is Exchange 2013. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Pierre. I’m not too worried about a sensor reporting a low value, but the box is relucant to increase the fan speed (which is always 29-31% according to the iLO). Hey Frank. I haven’t tried Xenserver on it, if I had an extra Microserver I’d give it a try. It’s from a different supplier (Not RAMCity as they don’t ship outside of Australia). BSMI CNS 13438, – 1x Kingston 8GB ECC DDR3 1600 System Specific Memory Model KTH-PL316E/8G Seems smaller than the normal power connector used i ordinary computers. Thanks for any more help you can offer. I decided to upgrade my ESXI to 6.0 and after this, the passthrough to my Radeon HD 6450 is working fine. Maybe you need to configure raid when in Esxi / vSphere? Does this sound plausible for a home setup? He mentioned that the issue currently is placed at third level support, meaning that the are handling the issue, trying to solve it. – The Maximum HDD capacity including SSD drive if possible? The server and the IP is in place already, at my place here in little Denmark. Ben. Why are you guys adding a second fan? I understand that the Gen8 is certified for 3TB only. ECC stuff, why doesn’t the gen8 support registered RAM? I’m working on a post on installing the IBM ServerRaid M1015 which does support 4TB drives if flashed into IT (JBOD) mode. Of course I did this long before these mini servers came out. The question is who’s going to be the first to risk $500 to try it? I know what Ark says, but it’s just a database maintained by Intel, and it would be quite possible to say that “we’re only going to sell this CPU with this chipset that handles ECC”.