Sriram is an aficionado of all modes of travel, by land, air, and sea. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Terminal 1. Amenities also include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor. They certainly aren’t cheap; while hard to find, it looks like travel size Etro toiletries run about $25. Aside from this prospective opening date we have no idea how the lounge operation will look like. Lufthansa has closed their First Class Lounge facilities in Frankfurt effective March 25th, two weeks after the first rumors surfaced that the FCT would be closing which – at the time – Lufthansa denied before shutting down 10 days later. Non-schengen flights only. In 1990, construction began for Terminal 2, which was completed in 1994. The sit-down menu includes a page with all of the buffet items. Unsubscribe at any time. Cold options included Mediterranean favorites like hummus and tabouleh. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal includes its own, private security screening and passport control. Everything here has been arranged for your personal comfort and well-being. I paid just £272.57 and 105,000 miles. This is where I thought Lufthansa fell a little short of Air France in the First Class experience. Whatever you do, DON’T use the First Class check-in area in the terminal. All information without guarantee, as … I hoped to try the bathtub, but it was occupied when I checked in. So according to the information on Twitter we can now look forward to the FCL A again starting next week. Enjoy a comfortable, peaceful, and modern environment away from the terminal's hustle and bustle. Consider, for instance, that the dining room at the United Polaris Lounge at LAX seats only 20. But since Air France provided flawless service in the La Première lounge, I expected a higher standard here. Certainly among the world’s best, as Brad suggested. Re-opening the FCL A in Frankfurt comes as passenger traffic starts to increase again and Lufthansa is even offering First Class on their flights ex Bangkok (op by the 747-800) from next week. Pretty nice Junior Suite! Learn to how to find the cheapest awards. Lufthansa announced the re-opening of their FCL on Twitter via the First Class Terminal account: We are happy to announce our opening of the First Class Lounge in Hall A on 20th of July! Passengers arriving in Terminal 2 will need to transfer to Terminal 1 to access the lounge. Behind the fountain, the seating area continues. Relax at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge prior to your Non-Schengen departure from Frankfurt. Adjacent to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport. Note: this post is part of my trip report covering my trip to Germany in March, 2019. Today’s selection included grilled bratwurst, sausage, baked beans, scrambled eggs, and more. Even though I got a van instead of the Porsche, there’s just something special about the “royal treatment” getting onboard. LoungeBuddy bookings made for this lounge are NOT valid at any other Lufthansa Lounges located at Frankfurt Airport. T1 & T2 are next to each other and are connected by the SkyLine monorail and by shuttle buses. The cheeses were especially delicious, if you’re a cheese freak like me. 4 reviews of Lufthansa Business Lounge "Ok, there are a few Lufthansa business lounges, and they are all a bit different. When arriving by car, there is a separate exit for the First Class Terminal from the airport access road. Enjoy your layover at Frankfurt Airport when you check into the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge. Terminal 2 has concourses D and E. It is even more depressing than Terminal 1. Just head up the elevator to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal reception area. We'll never sell or share your information with anyone. Look for the Sixt Diamond Lounge. Still hungry? If you enjoyed this article, get our blog updates for free! …and then a (quite tasty) meat and cheese selection. Lufthansa First Class Terminal pretzels. Lufthansa 747-8 Frankfurt Airport. Lufthansa Business Lounge (Schengen, Gate A13) (Temporarily Closed) at Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Terminal 1, Concourse A. So she kindly brought me two. Lufthansa uses Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Within a couple of minutes, the agent returned and escorted me into the lounge. Only Lufthansa long-haul First Class passengers and HON Circle members may access the First Class Terminal. Imbibe at the well-stocked self-serve bar and enjoy a delectable, nourishing meal from the buffet selection. Table service from the restaurant seems possible, buffets (just like at the Senator Lounges) are likely off limits and the Bathtub & Shower experience most likely won’t be available. If you're flying Lufthansa from Frankfurt International Airport, then you have a plethora of lounges to choose from. Articles are of a general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Wonderful lounge with friendly service and awesome snack bar! This is valid for the First Class LOUNGE only and not the other LH First Class facilities and locations including the First Class Terminal which will remain closed for the time being. Terminal maps. This site is for entertainment purposes only. #accor #accorlivelimitless #sof, Icelandair Turbulence – Fires All Flight Attendants, Japan’s Confusing “Go To Travel” Campaign, EXTENDED: Best Western Rewards Lufthansa Miles&More Triple Miles October 1 – January 31, 2021, Lufthansa Miles&More Postpones Introduction Of Program Overhaul Indefinitely. Lufthansa First Class Services has announced via their official Twitter channel that the First Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 (A) will re-open again in a week on July 20th.. On my way into Europe, I was lucky to be in one of the better lounges - good food - not too crowded, nice staff! (Trust me, as a chicken fried steak connoisseur, I know good breading. Just follow the signs for Terminal 1. I don’t quite share Brad’s opinion that the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is the best lounge in the world. Note that after selecting a seat, your attendant takes your passport; they will return it to you when leave the lounge for boarding. Each office includes a workstation, phone, and large desk. Experience the legendary Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt airport; Be driven to the plane in a Porsche; Fly with the world’s single biggest buyer of caviar; My experience flying Lufthansa 747 first class. The facility is open from 07:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday. A third, smaller terminal, the Lufthansa first-class terminal, serves as a passenger terminal for first-class passengers of Lufthansa as well as holders of the highest Miles & More status (HON Circle Member). My flight was from Frankfurt to Shanghai. Access will be denied if the booking is used at a different Lufthansa Lounge location. At the far end of the hall is the check-in area for the shower rooms. Second, the waiter in the dining area seemed a bit surly and disinterested. Staycationing tonight. The Winner Of The 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points Giveaway Is? I’ll rate the dish very good, but just short of great. If you’re in a hurry, or just prefer the buffet, the FCT does offer a lunch spread. Please view our privacy policy for details about the information we share with our partners. The testing center is located in the airport between Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station. Upgrade your pre-flight experience now. If you need a private area to conduct business, the lounge features five private offices. It was reasonable to close down the lounges while traffic was pretty much at a standstill but since the flight program has restarted considerably and customer are getting impatient with Lufthansa’s way of handling lounge privileges which, to be fair, are also due to local government regulations. It’s a large dining room for the size of the lounge. There is also a decent variety of hot items. This lounge is open daily from 5am-10pm. Lufthansa always uses Terminal 1. I've already written about the countless lounges in that terminal. These passengers together with HON Circle and theoretically Centurion card members, (although according to the agreement with Amex this is only for the lounge in B which is still closed) have finally access to this FCL again. If you have a long layover in Frankfurt Lufthansa has a partnership with Avis whereby you can rent a Porsche 911 or Porsche Panamera for three hours (and drive it up to 150km) for €99.10, and this includes fuel and insurance. (I also prefer the modern-but-not-minimalist design of the La Première lounge, though that’s personal preference.) Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Location. There were a couple of notable service issues, though. Behind that is a door leading to an elevator. I had to flag him down to bring a menu, and then again more than 10 minutes later to place my order. Chances are the massive bar has something you’ll like in any event. The Meet&Greet staff can be reached under 0151 16265037 from 08:30 to 18:30. Lufthansa and all its partners are located under one roof in Terminal 1 and at Pier A, which has been built exclusively for Lufthansa. Follow the links below in order to see all the flights scheduled for Lufthansa - Arrivals - Departures. The passenger terminal complex at Frankfurt Airport consists of three terminals - T1 with 'Piers' /Concourses B & C and Satellite A (with A & Z gates on separate levels), T2 with Concourses D & E, and the small Lufthansa First-Cass Terminal. It adds texture, I suppose, but doesn’t really add to the flavor. For the most part, Lufthansa’s exclusive lounge didn’t disappoint. Upgrade your pre-flight experience now. In Brad’s picture above, look closely and you’ll notice a yellow Lufthansa sign. We came in around 8 am, so the lounge was pretty much empty. Things start off with a pretty impressive spread of salads. Learn more about the lounge: … Both terminals are only a few minutes away from each other by shuttle bus or by the "‘SkyLine’" elevated railway. Beyond the main seating area is another corridor leading to the cigar lounge and bathroom/shower area. If coming on foot from Terminal 1, it’s a little tricky. Imbibe at the well-stocked self-serve bar and enjoy a delectable, nourishing meal from the buffet selection. You’ll enjoy the Germans’ famed efficiency, solid English-language skills and attentive but not overbearing customer service; a beautifully-designed space; delicious food and all the alcohol you can imagine; plus a chauffeur service directly to your plane. This is an airport / tour review of the inside and outside of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), located in Germany. Not pictured: just to the right of where I’m standing is a desk with a Lufthansa agent on duty if you need any assistance. Rather than wait, I just took one of the other shower rooms. The shower rooms are large and clean, and include a toilet. Download map of terminal. Editorial Disclosure: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity mentioned herein. For the main course, Matthew swears by the beef filet, but I couldn’t resist the Wiener schnitzel. In the new Pier A, which was constructed exclusively for Lufthansa, and in Terminal 1, Lufthansa and all its Star Alliance partners are located together under one roof. After stepping off the elevators into the lobby, an agent immediately approached and checked me in on a handheld tablet. Note that the Lufthansa First Class Terminal also features two sleeping rooms. Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt bottom line. Enjoy a comfortable, peaceful, and modern environment away from the terminal's hustle and bustle. While not as extensive as the menu at the La Première lounge, it’s still chock full of good stuff. The lounge was nicely decorated, wasn’t overcrowded, and the food spread was good. Bath amenities hail from Italian designer label Etro. Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt Terminal 1 Locations, Hours and Access. And yes, I’ve said previously that I dislike veal. Lufthansa Senator Lounge : Location: Terminal 1, After Passport Control but before final Security Checkpoint, Departure Area C, near Gate C14 and Gate C15. Since I was flying within the Schengen area, the closest Lufthansa Business Class Lounge was in Area A near Gate A13, across from the Duty Free Shop and on Level 2. Meanwhile, immediately to the right of the entrance is the First Class Terminal’s impressive bar. If you want to see how the 1% really live, here’s your chance. Remember to send... © 2011–2020 - Site & Contents, View of the Bogota from the mountain top. While she printed my boarding pass, she walked me down the hall to the security screening area. This won’t give you access to the FCT. I started off with the “sweet potato cappuccino, basically a sweet potato soup topped with foam. Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy some cakes, along with fresh honey from a honeycomb. Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt: my take. Want daily blog updates delivered straight to your inbox? Shortly after sitting down, a lounge attendant asked if I wanted something to drink. As you walk in, immediately in front of you is a large area of “traditional” lounge seating. Review: Lufthansa Business Lounge, Frankfurt Terminal Z, The Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt: The Journey Is the Destination, The Best Lounge in the World: Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt. There is also some – very fresh – prosciutto and jamon Iberico, along with a variety of cured meats cheeses. The hot options, meanwhile, featured rice, grilled vegetables, and white eggplant puree, among others. I believe you can also ask for any buffet items to be brought to your table. The testing center at Frankfurt is located on the long walk between Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station. But it was a bit too oily, which diminished the otherwise good flavors. With easy chairs, quiet rooms with day beds, spacious shower rooms, fine wining and dining with award-winning cuisine, a Cigar Lounge and a bar with a range of drinks that includes over 130 different kinds of whisky. This makes it one of the most exclusive lounges in the business. While perhaps not quite as great as Air France’s La Première lounge, it’s still a great lounge. The soup base itself was good, though I didn’t really understand the tofu chunks. And unlike the slow, officious staff I usually encounter at Frankfurt, these were friendly and efficient. Will 1h 5min be enough time to get to my connecting flight? It's Free! Why? Does Lufthansa still offer First Class passengers Porsche rentals? Lufthansa First Class Terminal Dining and Bar. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal (FCT) is one of, if not the Best First Class Lounge in the world. Looking back, I find it hard to pick a winner. I mean, can ANYONE design a public space today without overuse of grey granite, white marble, and plain square tilework? Before grabbing a seat here, I shamelessly mentioned to the agent that my son really looked forward to getting a duck.