How long will it take my starred segments to sync to my ELEMNT Bolt? Out now: Strava Live Segments support for Polar V800. Polar News. Live Segments work on a wide range of devices (check compatibility here), and Strava athletes can access it with a subscription. CLIMB. Make sure you have GPS set on in the running and cycling sport profiles you wish to use. KICKR BIKE. SNAP. Your starred segments are synced automatically to your device, and then you'll be notified when you approach one of them during an activity. You can try it for 30 days for Free as I write this (May 2019). ROAM. Contact Support. Strava Live Segments is available with basic features in Strava Free but to get the live comparison metrics you need to subscribe to the Summit Analysis pack which costs $2.99 or €2.00 a month. Contact Support. KICKR. You do not need to have an internet connection to ride a segment. Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. CORE. To see a list of all the segments you’ve transferred to your V650, tap the Strava Live Segments field. Karoo also supports overlapping segments. Strava Live Segments require GPS. Karoo 2 also supports overlapping segments. ELEMNT+BOLT. APPS. Originally published November 21, 2017 2:48 pm. Here are two quotes from the Wahoo support page about this move: “downhill segments greater than -.25% grade will not be synced due to the strava API for safety precautions.” and “Downhill and similarly steep descending segments will not be synced.” No, that “-.25%” is not a typo. Segments are defined in and can be created by any Strava user. INSTRUCTIONS. How do I set up Strava Live Segments on my ELEMNT BOLT? SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET. Strava Live Segments. Karoo now includes support for Strava Live Segments. Enable Strava Live Segments feature on your Polar V650. Since we are talking about segments and you mentioned syncing a local legend segment to your device, can you comment on Strava’s decision to not sync downhill live segments to devices. 1(877) 978-1112 (T-F) 10am-5pm ET (T-F) 4pm-9pm GMT US? « Back to blog main page Out now: Strava Live Segments support for Polar V800 . 1(877) 978-1112 (T-F) 10am-5pm ET (T-F) 4pm-9pm GMT US? Strava Live Segments work only for Premium Strava users and we offer a 60-day free trial of Premium in partnership with Strava. CALL US. If you have over 20 favorites in the Flow web service, the first 20 … You can use segments to compare your own times, or to compare with other Strava users' times who have also completed the segment. SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET. Go to FAVORITES and tap the radio button to enable Strava Live Segments. facebook instagram twitter strava youtube. Starred Segments can be imported from your Strava account. ELEMNT RIVAL. Strava Segments are previously defined sections of road or trail where athletes can compete for time in cycling or running. The Strava Live Segment management data is cached on Karoo using the syncing mechanism. SENSORS. From the list, you can see the name and length of each segment. Starred Segments can be imported from your Strava account. CALL US. Does ELEMNT track my Strava Live Segments progress? Connect with Us. During the sync your top 20 favorites including the Strava Live Segments you have imported from are transferred to your V650. Are you one of those runners or cyclists who gets an extra kick from a … Karoo 2 includes support for Strava Live Segments. HEADWIND. Browse by Product. Your V650 can have a maximum of 20 favorites at a time. TICKRs. As a trail runner, to my surprise, I realized that that applies to running segments too, and that seems like a fairly recent change. How do I select which Segments are on my ELEMNT?